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Business alignment for management leadership.
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Projects aligned to business goals.
Align your business. Top-down. Bottom-up.
The Current Plan web-based software links project activity to business goals so that senior management can improve execution alignment.

Easy to use. Won't takeover your company. Won't break your budget.

Capture business goals. Revenue growth, profit growth, market share, customer satisfaction, new markets, and other goals, supporting goals, strategies and tactics. Divide and sub-divide as far as you need to.
Ensure business initiatives align with goals. Make explicit how projects contribute towards business goals. Why is a project executing? Is there a clear alignment to senior executive intentions? Is everyone aligned to priorities? Is your company focussed?
We have a comprehensive feature set that includes business goal capture, project alignment, project portfolios and executive rollups, and project definition (tasks, resources, times, costs, milestones).

The software is fully collaborative and extends to your business partners for when broader alignment is required.

100% web. No downloads. iPad compatible.

Plan differently.
Collaborate effectively.

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