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Our favorite password manager: Enpass

A long term review…

In the current state of the web, creating accounts and saving passwords is an everyday problem and I think a password manager is something you need to have to avoid typing the same password on every site which could lead to a security problem if one site is compromised. This is resolved by many apps, but my favorite is Enpass (and this is not a sponsored review, I truly love this app).

I’ve been using this pass since the very early version and more than 8 years, I actually got the one-time version and paid full price just because of how much value it offers.

I have 138 sites/passwords saved all of them with large 32 character passwords with special symbols, that I don’t even know because they are stored in the app.

Sample image taken from Empass website.

Here’s a summary of why we love this app:

  1. Data Management: I like to understand how my data is managed and Enpass resolved this issue in the most elegant way, to begin with, they don’t even have access to your vault file as the software will let you decide where to put your data and is compatible with all major cloud solutions: Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more. Encryption: The vault is encrypted and not even the Enpass team can decrypt, which itself makes it amazing. 
  2. Supports Biometrics for your phone or computer. With my iPhone, I can unlock it with Touch or face recognition.
  3. Browser Extensions all major browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera
  4. Native application for Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android, and Linux.
  5. Lightweight and simple to use.
  6. Autofill and updates on password changes. Every time you change a password it will ask you to update the password you have stored.
  7. Helps you increase security by auditing your passwords, generating passwords with complex patterns, and keeps track of the age of your passwords (for you to change them). 

They have various pricing models including a subscription model for you and your family, but I highly recommend the one-time option because you will use it for many many years.

You can see more info at

Have you tried Enpass? Do you like? is there a better option?
Let me know!

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