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Use music to boost motivation in your routines

Music is a powerful motivator. It has the ability to affect your mood, a song can make you happy or sad and my tip is it can inject energy too. Use it to your favor to boost your motivation and time activities.

Music, in general, affects your brain and your current state, as this article in Harvard Medical shows:

Some forms of music — acts as an “exercise” that warms up selected brain cells, allowing them to process information more efficiently.

Harvard Medical School, Published July 2011.

For example, elite athletes, when they arrive at the stadium with music, headphones, and focus on their motivation, and that is the ritual to get into the right mindset.

You can do the same as elite athletes, hack your brain with music to get you to state what you want. Try to warm up your brain cells with music.

Add your personal touch

My personal example is a playlist for when I shower. My playlist is simple but I created it with a purpose to boost my motivation early morning and try to keep time when I’m showering and is part of my morning ritual. This way I set the mood I want to have to seize the day.

When I selected the songs I tried to pick:

  • High beat songs, fast pacing.
  • Songs that bring me joy, energy and generally creates a good mood.
  • I curate the list averaging 4m (more or less), so I know when is about to end, so I know is time get out of the shower.

Here’s my playlist:

Try it out:

  1. Create a playlist and use it in your life.
  2. Pick songs that motivate you.
  3. Use it as a cue for your habits, select one habit in particular and use it as the first step.
  4. Create multiple playlists for different moods and different habits.
  5. Don’t be afraid to put songs you love, you don’t need to share it with anybody else but yourself.

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